The Difference between PicoPlus and Traditional Lasers

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For years, laser resurfacing has been an effective treatment for facial irregularities like scars, acne, and fine lines and wrinkles due to natural aging. Laser treatment involves directing short, concentrated bursts of light at imperfections, removing targeted layers of skin to reveal new, clear skin as your body heals.

Dennis Roberts, DO, is proud to offer his patients the latest in laser technology with the Lutronic PicoPlus™ system. PicoPlus gives Dr. Roberts and his staff the flexibility and power to treat even the most complicated cases, including fine lines and wrinkles, facial scarring, melasma, and unwanted tattoos.

Using a powerful combination of picosecond and nanosecond output instead of just nanoseconds that traditional laser treatments use, PicoPlus is able to tackle your most frustrating skin conditions with real results. In many cases, the number of sessions you need to treat your condition is reduced with the PicoPlus, too.

Curious if this revolutionary laser treatment might be able to help you get skin you love? The Lutronic PicoPlus system gives you more options than ever before. Learn more about your options for skin rejuvenation with the PicoPlus laser right here.

More powerful laser technology

Traditional laser treatments are limited by the amount of light and speed they use, which influences the types of skin irregularities they can treat. The Lutronic PicoPlus delivers dual picosecond and nanosecond pulses and high-energy output to effectively treat even the most stubborn skin irregularities.

PicoPlus delivers powerful lasers that destroy specific unwanted cells within the surface layers of the skin. It’s a versatile treatment that Dr. Roberts can use to treat a variety of conditions, including:

Traditional lasers work well for resurfacing skin and improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and light scarring. But for melasma, deep acne scarring, tattoos, and other deep or dark skin irregularities, there is no match for the PicoPlus.

The Lutronic PicoPlus removes dark pigments, rejuvenating and toning your skin as it heals after treatment. PicoPlus uses the most powerful lasers in a highly controlled system that delivers safe, effective results.

Faster, better results than traditional lasers

The PicoPlus system gives Dr. Roberts the ability to adjust and precisely control the lasers targeting your trouble spots. Prior to treatment, Dr. Roberts works with you to understand your condition or frustrations and proposes a customizes PicoPlus treatment plan just for you.

Using the flexible PicoPlus laser system, he is able to customize your laser resurfacing treatment to quickly and effectively improve the look of your skin. Targeting only the imperfect layers of skin and irregular cells, PicoPlus doesn’t damage the surrounding skin.

Dr. Roberts can utilize different wavelengths of light for different types of imperfections and irregularities, from colored and black tattoos to scarring. The PicoPlus laser system is more advanced than traditional lasers, enough to allow Dr. Roberts to perform stacked treatments if they are appropriate for your situation.

Stacked treatments can cut the number of sessions required in half and is a particularly effective method for tattoo removal. With the Lutronic PicoPlus laser, the energy sent into the skin is reabsorbed, and you can effectively have two treatments in one session. While stacking treatments with traditional lasers would burn and damage your skin, it’s safe with the PicoPlus.


The Lutronic PicoPlus system is a safe and effective method to improve the look of your skin with laser resurfacing. Dr. Roberts and his team are highly trained and able to develop a customized treatment plan for your skin imperfections, so schedule your initial consultation today.

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