Did the Summer Leave You with Sun Spots? The PicoSure® Laser Can Help

Time spent in the sun can gradually age your skin and cause hyperpigmentation, or “sun spots." While you should always take changes to your skin seriously, sun spots are typically a cosmetic issue only, and not a cause for alarm. Still, they may make you feel self-conscious or less than happy with your appearance.

Dr. Dennis Roberts offers PicoSure® spot removal laser treatment at his OB/GYN practice in Indio, California, virtually turning back time when it comes to the sun’s aging effects on your skin. The PicoSure laser can reverse years of sun damage and rejuvenate your skin in just a few treatments.

How sun damage ages your skin

The effects of the sun on human skin are well documented. Repeated exposure to high-powered sun rays can cause microscopic damage to your skin over time, even if you’ve never had a severe sunburn. The results will be hyperpigmentation, or small spots that can darken and grow over time. These “age spots” show up where the sun has the most impact, usually appearing on your face and hands first.

If you notice spots that have irregular edges, are scaly and rough, or that grow quickly, ask a dermatologist to check for potential melanoma. However, if the spots are simply smooth and round like freckles, you can have them treated by Dr. Roberts at his Indio, California office.

Get rid of sunspots with PicoSure  

Dr. Roberts administers treatment with the handheld PicoSure laser, which sends out targeted laser pulses directly to the darker spots on your skin. The excess melanin heats up, disrupting the cellular structure, and the damaged cells are absorbed and flushed away by your body over the next few days. It might take 2-3 weeks for complete results to show up.

You’ll probably feel nothing but a slight warming sensation during treatment. Your skin will get lighter with each session, and you can repeat treatment until you are happy with the results. Some small spots, like freckles or new sunspots, can go away after just one treatment, but Dr. Roberts may recommend 2-4 treatments for optimal results based on his assessment of your sunspots and their aging effects on your skin. 

Side effect of PicoSure

The main side effect you may notice will be smoother skin and minimized wrinkles, since the laser also encourages collagen and elastin production. As the melanin-rich cells are disrupted and flush away, your body’s natural healing powers spring into action, remodeling your skin and delivering a younger, fresher look.

Are you ready for skin that’s smoother and tighter, with a more even tone? Use our online appointment tool or call our office to schedule your PicoSure consultation today.

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